Karen Savage is an investigative journalist focused primarily on science and the environment. She uses research and vivid storytelling to explore the ways in which science effects individuals, families and neighborhoods.

Karen has written extensively on the people and communities effected by BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion. Her contribution to an article questioning the science behind the disaster is still ruffling corporate feathers and recently caught the attention of the New York Times.

Her stories often focus on traditionally underserved and overburdened environmental justice and fence line communities – a minority community surrounded by landfills in Pensacola, a historic African American community at the center of Mobile’s rapidly expanding oil and gas infrastructure, a Louisiana community grappling with a massive sink hole caused by salt dome mining.

As a member of the Bridge the Gulf core leadership team, Karen works to build and maintain audience through social media and has cultivated contributors as well as media partners.

The desire to improve upon her ability to tell these stories in a compelling way and to dig deeper into the issues behind the stories brought Karen to the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, where she completed her degree in December 2016.

Karen is a former public school teacher and mother of four grown children.